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♟Deluxe Chess - Father's day gift🎁

$39.90 USD $79.98 USD
32 Metal Chess Pieces♟
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This chess is so cool! All chess lovers can't help but be obsessed with it.🥰

We offer you an unique quality in this chess set. All of our stones will shine as you smile at your every move and think about your move. We want to give you a nice experience.

The chess pieces are made of high quality cast iron material. There is a chess box, in which there is a special storage area for chess pieces. After playing the chess game, you can put it in the box and store it easily, and the chess board is marble patterned on MDF.

It is the most preferred classical type chess set in the world. The chessboard is marble-like. Pawn and pieces are made of zamak. The stones are bronze and silver in color.

Chessboard box dimensions: 36cm x 36cm x 5cm ( 14.17” x 14.17 x 2” )

Chess Pieces Size: King Height: 7.5cm, Pawn Height: 4.5cm

32 Metal Chess Pieces,Checkerboard

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